Today presents a fresh start and a new beginning with WordPress after six years with LiveJournal.

Foucault Pendulum
Foucault Pendulum, Mr Nixter, via Flickr (CC BY-NC 2.0)

In my old journal, I’ve been talking about not meeting the weight of expectation I have for writing. I follow friends’ journals that have power and professional journals that inspire me and feel frustratingly left behind.

Tara Brabazon has said recently that ‘All of us, including postgraduates, learn to write by writing’ (Times Higher Education).

My positive start to university seemed indebted to writing online. Then spontaneity took over and my academic work suffered from the lack of focus. As third year approached, the journal started to concern itself with life after graduation, so focus returned.

Writing is a behaviour. You learn to write by writing, but one learns behaviourally whatever is practiced most often.

While I may wish for freedom and spontaneity, it scares me to lose the discipline that I found again. The journal box suddenly grew into a frightening space.

So I’m trying something different. A clean start. This space will merge two existing journals: one personal, of six years; the second academic, which I began three years ago.

I recently turned 25, and I’ve already had a taste of academic life. It brought with it the start, and all too swift ending, of a life abroad. Academia influences how you think about aspects of everyday life, and I shouldn’t need separate spaces any more. I’ve imported some older pieces for context and for my own benefit.

Hopefully, it will provide the liberty I’ve needed to write again.

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