Keeping Ahead of the Game

I recently completed my first assignment as a freelance copywriter. As happy coincidences go, the same day saw a long overdue catch-up with expert of the trade, London based copywriter, Al Allday.

Jigsaw Metaphor

Such meetings offer me a mixture of encouragement and trepidation.

Our career paths lie roughly in the same direction. Only, Al hit the motorway while I’m still navigating the long way round.

While back-street manoeuvring supposedly makes you a better driver, motorways get you from A to B in the best way. Without doubt, following Al has made me a better writer.

Writing, many people don’t realise, must be split into disciplines.

Mine has always pointed inwards. Funded projects notwithstanding, a PhD stems from one’s own initiative, not from a third-party brief. It takes some considerable practice to learn to concentrate or dilute your writing to set demands.

Just as top sprinters do not make good distance runners (and vice versa), equally there’s no easy compatability between writing a doctoral thesis or selling a story in 100 words.

My first independent brief, fittingly enough, was to complete some guides for everywoman that could not be done during my contracted period.

Keeping the road metaphor alive, I went the extra mile and produced an article about blogging. The irony behind the gesture was writing advice that I don’t follow: consolidating a niche; updating regularly; building networking opportunities…

Part of this is due to a self-defeating prophecy. Privacy as a ‘niche’ is so different in theory and practice. I have also been passive in promotion: not only because no specific audience was envisaged for this space, but also because you need experience and confidence to self-fashion yourself publicly.

Some postgraduates struggle to realise their strengths. Others now seek to gain from this. profiles are all the range. Either join the game, or be left behind.

I am often behind the times, but perhaps this can change. Recently, the Bristol Alumni news and career advice newsletter appeared in my inbox. At the top of its billing was an item on ‘How to apply for a job that’s not advertised’.

For once, I’m one step ahead of the game. I have submitted a job proposal produced with painstaking precision. If it lands, there will be considerably less pressure on the publicity, whatever form that would take.

I know the readership here is very small, but I would be glad to know who follows this blog. Please drop me a line, and I will thank you personally for reading.

[Just beating Pink Floyd on the theme of ‘Time’ is the end of Nightwish’s symphony, ‘The Poet and the Pendulum’.]

6 thoughts on “Keeping Ahead of the Game

    1. Thanks Billy! Knowing how golden your time is, it’s a worthy compliment whenever I steal a moment of it. Thanks for following!

    1. Rich! Goodness me! How’re you keeping, my good man? Hope all has been well. Thanks for dropping by, and all my best to you too!

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