At the heart of it all…

Love hearing from you Keith… I think your writing was so inspiring and really touched me!! Thank you for sharing it with me, because it makes me want to always work hard to be as creatively “true” as possible.

Justin Elswick / Sleepthief [about Skimming Stones]


23 April: I was fortunate to collaborate with friends and colleagues on a commemorative piece to mark the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death. It was originally published on London Connection and has been reproduced here.

Shakespeare 400 - First Folio in Senate House Library

12 April: This week, I will be attending two Shakespeare-themed University of London events: the launch of the new Senate House Library exhibition, Shakespeare: Metamorphosis, and the Keynote Lecture by Jonathan Bate, ‘Shakespeare, 1616-2116’. It’s good to keep my interests alive in as many capacities as possible.

20 March: After seven years at WritingPrivacy, time for some long-overdue maintenance. The six years of old news snippets will be condensed into highlights, and the full archive available separately here.


13 October: At LSE, we welcomed the executive director of Oxfam International, Winnie Byanyima, to address a packed-out Old Theatre. Review here.

6 October: Slightly unexpected, but from mid-November, I’ll be leaving LSE to join the University of London International Academy.

3 August: I became a godfather today to my nephew, Noah Benjamin.

17 March: Moving to London has been a challenge, but I made it to the latest British Milton Seminar and a lecture on ‘Milton & America’. A report on these is available here.


5 December: Mercifully, the long job hunt is over, and I’ll be starting at the London School of Economics in January.

2 November: Thank you for your support over recent weeks. I don’t know where the likes and shares have come from, but it means a lot. If reading my battle with mental health has made a difference to you, please get in touch and tell me about it.

England's Fortress

23 October: Delighted to announce the publication of England’s Fortress, which derived from the Fairfax 400 Conference in 2012.

28 September: Everything seemed set against it, but I joined the party in Paris to celebrate Alphaville’s 30th anniversary. Forever Young indeed.

18 May: Slowly catching up after an eventful five months. First in line: a review of the Early Modern Career event in Birmingham.

Knightmare Convention Artwork

11 May: After a lot of hard work, the inaugural Knightmare Convention took place in Norwich. Two manic days plus a Midnight Hunt later, we’ve all earned a good rest.

1 April: Doctorate finally confirmed. A very apt day for it!

2 January: Happy New Year! I wish everyone good health and happiness for 2014.


19 December: Years of work came to fruition yesterday, and Dr. KaM was the verdict. Huge thanks to my examiners, my supervisor, and everyone else who offered their support along the way.

23 October: Presented today at a workshop for BA English and History joint-honours students at Leicester.

16 October: Doctoral thesis finally submitted! The day of judgement falls in December.

25 June: My best buddy is getting married today and there are few more deserving of a lifetime of happiness.

11 May: Fabulous to see Knightmare back on our screens for its first sequential run in over six years. The commemorative posts Knightmare and 25th Anniversary have been temporarily promoted to feature articles.

6 March: Proud to feature in the latest issue of the Andrew Marvell Society Newsletter. There can be few greater honours for those of my imaginarium.

31 January: First undergraduate lecture today, on ‘Literature and the English Civil War’. Appropriately dated, and good turnout!

9 January: UK viewers can catch my dear friend, Anjna, giving Michael Portillo a tour of the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust on Great British Train Journeys (22 mins).

Dr. Anjna Chouhan - Great British Train Journeys


7 September: The 25th anniversary of Knightmare. A big deal for me.

20 June: Today, ahead of Fairfax 400, I presented material (including this on Upon Appleton House) for possibly the last time to my peers. They showed me what I’ll be missing.

16 January: A proposal to speak on Marvell and Fairfax has been accepted for the Fairfax 400 Conference here in the summer.

9 January: The epilogue for 2011, Shadow Seasons, is now live. It cannot match Skimming Stones, but it is not meant to. Rarely can two years be the same.


6 December: After spending eight years at five universities with two degrees, the first graduation ceremony I’ve been to is my sister’s. Well done missy.

17 October: Now a Leicester resident in my own merry apartment. An edited version of the East Midlands Colloquium has been published in the Bulletin of the Society for Renaissance Studies.

2 August: Featured on a 1-to-1 ‘Desert Island Discs’ session with Gwynne for Radio Santa Cruz. Post now live.

13 July: I went to see Cosi last night, featuring a fabulous performance by Knightmare’s Edmund Dehn. A review is now live.

30 April: The poetry instalment I presented for Radio Santa Cruz aired on Easter Sunday. The show link is here, and the full story here.

15 April: Marvell features in the fourth of a series of poetry recordings we have made in Leicester for Radio Santa Cruz in California (read more). Today also saw the first East Midlands Early Modern Colloquium for 3 years (post now live), an excellent day.

29 March: Today, the blog celebrates a small milestone by becoming

19 March: Attended the biannual British Milton Seminar in Birmingham, and a ‘Teaching Civil War Writings’ day in York. (Post now live)

20 February: Leading a class on Shakespeare for the University of Leicester International Office tomorrow – my first university teaching for over two years. (Post now live.)

24 January: Attended a lecture by Nigel Smith on Marvell’s Sense of Humour at the Andrew Marvell Centre in Hull today. Review here.


28 December: For a dose of fun, I recorded a solo-version of the latest Sing Back Knightmare track. I might try it again with better recording gear. [Direct Link]

25 December: Merry Christmas, from this solitary author. Many thanks for your visits and continued support.

Keith is the new Melvin Bragg I think. I’m going to send a copy to the BBC as a demo tape on his behalf!

“Head Honcho & Vox Populi”, Dr. Gwynne Harris

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