Andrew Marvell Plaque, Waterlow Park

Traversing the rivers and jumping the puddles…

I’m Dr Keith McDonald, an early-career hopeful currently working as the copywriter and content manager at the University of London International Programmes.

I completed my PhD on ‘Andrew Marvell and Privacy’ at the University of Leicester in 2013 and have taught Renassiance literature and drama at both Leicester and Geneva (find out more).

My research interests include the literature of the English Civil War, writing and visual art (particularly mirrors), the metaphysical poets, and public/private divides throughout the ages.

I became the publisher for the Knightmare website in 2010, a virtual reality gameshow for adolescents between 1987-1994 that strongly influenced my youth. I’m also drawn to write about the music and theatre that inspires me.

As a former freelance writer and editor, I have had a long-running tenancy with a financial publishing company and have worked with clients across Europe. My portfolio includes the PR campaign for the Knightmare Convention, a national awards pitch that procured the runner-up prize, and speeches for cult fashionista Gok Wan.

Any feedback, suggestions or proposals are most welcome. Please just drop me a line here.

Past clients have included:

Voluntary projects:

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