Knightmarian, alphavillean, Marvellian

I’m Dr Keith McDonald, a former academic now working as a Digital Manager at University College London.

Andrew Marvell Plaque, Waterlow Park

Research Background

I completed my PhD on Andrew Marvell and Privacy in 2013 and have taught Renaissance literature and drama at the Universities of Leicester and Geneva. My research interests include the English Civil War, writing and visual art, the metaphysical poets, and public/private divides.

Digital Convert

Now, I help to see digital projects through to completion. I specialise in web content, strategy, and information architecture, notably in the Higher Education sector. In 2017, I led the content strategy, migration, and rewriting for the new University of London website. Watch me talk about this project at IWMW.


I became the editor for in 2010, a site dedicated to the virtual reality gameshow for adolescents (1987-1994) that influenced my youth. I’ve previously worked with clients across Europe in freelance roles. My portfolio includes the PR campaign for the Knightmare Convention, a national awards pitch, and speeches for cult fashionista Gok Wan.

Any suggestions or proposals are most welcome. Please drop me a line.

In others’ words…

Love hearing from you Keith. I think your writing was so inspiring and really touched me!! Thank you for sharing it with me, because it makes me want to always work hard to be as creatively “true” as possible.

Justin Elswick / Sleepthief [about Skimming Stones]

Keith is the new Melvin Bragg, I think. I’m going to send a copy to the BBC as a demo tape on his behalf!

Dr. Gwynne Harries