Sovereign Lights: Keane’s Strangeland

Should Keane top the charts with Strangeland later today, they will swiftly follow Coldplay (and another of my dear charges, Erasure) into an exclusive list of British bands to have achieved a fifth consecutive number one album. … More Sovereign Lights: Keane’s Strangeland

Private Party: Catching Rays on Giant (Alphaville), Berlin, 2010

Alphaville’s 20th anniversary celebration in Berlin in 2004 marked the best week of my life. Meeting the Alphaville family, seeing the band live for the first time, the adrenalin rush at meeting my idols: these created a unique kind of euphoria that will be difficult to find again. Six years later came a one-night return to Berlin for the launch party of the new album, Catching Rays on Giant. … More Private Party: Catching Rays on Giant (Alphaville), Berlin, 2010