At the beginning of the summer, I was tasked with creating a poster for the Swiss Association of Medieval and Early Modern English Studies (SAMEMES). It was this newly formed association whose inaugural opening Origins conference/seminar I presented at a few months ago. Having prepared this for the upcoming first main conference, Pretexts, Intertextualities, and the Construction of Textual Identity, a generic version needed to be done again. When patience eventually rediscovered itself, the final version was eventually made.

The aforementioned conference will feature several presentations from Geneva: Petya Ivanova, Ioana Balgradean, Louise Wilson and Sarah Van der Laan; and plenary lectures from Prof. Stephen Orgel and Bristol’s Prof. Ad Putter. Despite the obvious pleasures, I am once again the solitary student male from Geneva, staying in a different building with different arrangements from everyone else. I am not attending the conference dinner, and I’m glad it is only a one-night stay. Finally, on the artistic front, it has been time for a refresh. The course website has been updated, with a new (though simple) homepage. ‘Improvement’, it would seem, is a simple enough, and apt enough, target.


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