A Long Winter’s Tale

A summary of research activity from January-March 2011. This features a lecture by Nigel Smith at the Andrew Marvell Centre in Hull; a teaching event at the University of York; and the biannual British Milton Seminar at Birmingham Central Library.

Teaching Shakespeare at Leicester, and Private Observations

On 21st February, I led a class on Shakespeare for Leicester University’s International Office to a number of international visitors. The class was built around a potent combination that I have discussed before – Shakespeare in Love and the 2009 Hamlet – which gave me an opportunity to reignite my flame for film, play and performance. … More Teaching Shakespeare at Leicester, and Private Observations

Time Out

There is finally some space to breathe. After several weeks of teaching lengthy texts in The Grand Remonstrance, Areopagitica, The Kings Cabinet Opened, we have two weeks’ respite with poetry. It’s good timing.