Writing lacks patience, tolerance, sensitivity or nuance. Discuss.

The financial journalist Anthony Hilton says we’re losing something valuable by texting and emailing instead of talking. But does he go too far by suggesting that writing lacks patience, sensitivity, or any understanding of nuance? … More Writing lacks patience, tolerance, sensitivity or nuance. Discuss.

Broken Dreams

It feels like the final chapter of my thesis, on Andrew Marvell’s ‘Poetics of Privacy’, has been a traumatic experience. Not simply because writing by day and by night on different subjects is gruelling, but because the private internal negotiations that Marvell constantly faced and the impossibility of choice he so often found himself with leave a man permanently trapped in a life that offers so little solace and almost nothing except a desperate rush towards the end. … More Broken Dreams

New Horizons

Ideally, we want our lives to lead upwards trajectories. When somebody hits particular heights for themselves, they struggle to contemplate living within or below that potential. That’s the intricate psychology of accomplishment. … More New Horizons